Hey! I'm Terri! I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki II practitioner and Registered Nurse.

I help tired and stressed out WOMEN to RECLAIM their VITALITY and LIFE FORCE through the POWER of FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION!
Giving them POWERFUL TOOLS and STRATEGIES to get them back in the drivers seat with

Healthy Vibrant Hormones!

Ladies! I'm hearing you! 


  • You're over the monthly drill of being moody, bloated AND uncomfortable. YOU want some stratagies to help you get some relief?

  • You find there is only a small window in your cycle where you feel your normal self?

  • You want to wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day without relying on caffeine to get you through?

  • You want to get RID OF THE 4PM SLUMP!

  • Your sick of lying awake at night trying your hardest to fall asleep?

  • You feel your anxieties are irrational and want a way to start to get some control over them?

  • You want to get rid of the fog in your head and get some clarity going on!

But most of all you just want your vitality, strength and happiness back.

If you can relate to the above and want to reclaim your vitality then click here 

Or you can read about my healing journey and see if you can relate below

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